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Welcome to Raven's Pagan Pages!

I have collected a lot of information for this project and I hope you check out the entire site. This has been a work in progress for three years now and hopefully it has gotten better with time. I would like the site to continue in it's evolution toward better things and hope you can help out in the process.

First of all let me clarify my definition of pagan- the literal meaning is "country dweller" however, in my view this word means those that celebrate the passing of the seasons as those in the past who lived in the country and depended upon the earth for their livelihood. So my definition of pagan faith is earth based religion.

I do try to keep this site fresh and I'm always adding new things so please, check back often to see the updates.
The following pages will be primarily concerned with paganism and pagan/wiccan views. I would love to hear from other pagans in the world wide community and I ask that you sign my guestbook or join my mailing list so I can gauge my own progress on the site. Perhaps we can even meet some new friends who share common views.

  This month's essay...
Since so much has happened in the world in the past few weeks I thought I would change my essay to something a bit lighter. We can all use a bit of laughter in our hearts so take a moment and read through and perhaps share some of your words with the worldwide community.
I've noticed in my own life new words pop into my vocabulary from the strangest places. I've adopted words that sometimes don't even have a meaning and I've made them part of my Ravenisms. Others around me are doing the same thing and thus creating a very real sub-language that only they and those around them can understand. One of the words I've found to creep into my laguage came from the internet, Huggles. Now what does that really mean? It's not in any dictionary that I have in my possession yet in my own mind it has a real meaning. Huggles- since you are too far away for me to hug and snuggle with this is an imaginary hug and snuggle being sent over the internet. I cannot say I invented the word or it's meaning but I cannot remember hearing or seeing it before I used it, however, I have seen and heard it several times since. Another word I have RECENTLY adopted into my personal vernacular is Floopy, I know it was used on the TV show "Friends" by Pheobe. A clear meaning was never given other than the waving of her hands in a random manner. In my own Ravenism it means to be without direction and jellyfish like. It's really hard to explain but saying it means being without a spine causes a derogatory mean of cowardice and that's not really what it means. My partner in life says that my description of the word reminds him of a newtabrank another invertabrate sea creature that seems to move without direction. Floopy is a word that coveys a feeling so of course it is difficult to put into words.
All of this has caused me to wonder how many of us do this on a daily basis? Do you have your own vocabulary that I would not realy understand if I heard a word out of context? I really would love to hear some of your words if you have them. So I am now challenging you to post them on my message board along with a brief definition. Perhaps we can understand each other a bit more if we share our own personal vocabularies.


I just joined a new top site list and I hope you can check it out today. The more clicks I get the higher on the list my site moves.

I am trying to start a new kind of site competition for all of you webmasters and webmistresses! It is just in the beginning phases of the project but if any of you are interested in finding our more or would like to help contact me today! Update I've gotten a few judges now so we should be starting this competition very soon. We are simply waiting for some competitors to sign up! You can check out the competition site by clicking on the image below.

I started an e-group on yahoo called Prosperity Programming (this link explains the project). I hope we can share views on Creative Visualization. Affirmations, positive thinking and believing into being schools of thought. This group has chats and group sessions for affirmations. Stop by and check it out! Or enter your email address and join us today!


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What Witchcraft Means to Me

I wasn't exactly sure what I had hoped to accomplish when I first began building my site but I knew one thing. I wanted to share what I was feeling about my religious views in the hopes that others who felt the same didn't feel so alone.

The Calendar

I've added a Calendar. This calendar features the lunar cycle, the Wiccan/pagan holidays and the astrological signs. Please, take a few minutes and check it out. If you have any suggestions as to what I can add to the calendar just drop me an email.

The Year Wheel

I have also included a little background information on the Year Wheel and some of the Pagan Holidays.


Next is a list of magical items that I use in my rituals... Rituals are not included on this page as they are a very personal part of my religion.


I have included two (so far) types of divination. The eldar futhark runes and the Tarot. I hope to add more as I learn more about this fascinating subject. If you have any suggestions please email me!

The Runes

Here I have provided tables which illustrate each rune, give a meaning for divination, uses in magic and the corresponding English alphabet letter. Take a moment and check it out. If you would like to add anything you can always email me or post it to the message board.

The Tarot

As an ongoing project I am sharing my thoughts on the Tarot. Right now I have posted my teaching pages. These are my thoughts on what novice readers can do to help them learn the many facets of the Tarot. Tarot card reading is a very personal thing. I am not going to teach "pat" meanings but rather I would like to help you to teach yourself the meanings you see.




My poetry section includes my poetry as well as poetry submitted by visitors and friends. I have also included the beginning of a short story I've been working on. If you enjoy a good read or you have some poetry you would like to share check it out!



I will be adding more pages as time goes by to keep up with the changes join my mailing list.

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