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Prosperity Programming

You hold all of the power of the universe in your own hand. This power is yours for the taking if you believe you can use it. This group will free your mind to embrace the belief that all things are possible. Your mind has been programmed to believe in phrases such as "I can't" and "That's impossible." Now it's time to reprogram your mind to believe that "I can" and "All things are possible." Prosperity is waiting for you in all things, it's time to open your mind and begin your journey to attain it. Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive!

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What is prosperity programming?

Well, the easiest and most convenient definition would be using the power of positive thinking. But it is a little more complicated than that.

We are taught through life that there are things that are not possible. We are also taught that there just isn't enough for everyone to have everything. I think these two principles are very wrong.

Anything is possible in every way and on every level. On an individual basis we have no limitations to what we can achieve if we believe we can do it. As a society limitations are placed on us by thinking we are merely individuals and we cannot change the world but if you can concentrate on changing your world and make these changes there is no limit to the changes you can make. As a group the possibilities are limitless. Imagine if you will, one person trying to move a very large object, he can move it but if he had a few people helping him he could move it faster and farther. That's what this group is about.

Abundance is all around us. There is so much abundance in the universe it erroneous to believe that there just isn't enough to go around. In the US farmers are paid not to farm because they would create a surplus of food. A surplus of food... I thought there were people starving in the world. Would it be a surplus? OK so that's one example. But if we are talking in terms of money... Is there enough to go around? There is more money changing hands right now than there ever has been before. If everyone had some or even enough there would be more than enough to create a rich class and a poorer class. No one would be poor everyone would have enough. It would also eliminate the perceived need for inflation because everyone would have some. I am not talking about communism or communal living, the whole idea here is to change the way we think. The way we perceive our limitations or lack there of.

In almost every religion's doctrine there is a belief that if you believe something is true then it will become so. If you believe you can accomplish a goal then it is already yours. Even in today's movies and literature it is related to us. This belief if applied to your life can CHANGE the world in which you live. It may start out as a small change but once you begin to believe that you can make these changes the larger changes become much easier to believe. Once you believe it is already accomplished

So how do you begin to change the way you think? You must program or reprogram your mind to believe in the possibility of prosperity.

If this sounds like something you are interested in doing please join my egroup and begin your journey to a whole new world.

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People of all paths are welcome!


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