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A special note...

I would like to thank the Ancient Ones for their guiding presence in my life, they have helped me to find my path in this world.

I would also like to thank Bill, my partner in life for supporting me in all things. His love has helped me become the person I always wanted to be.

I thank my special friends:

Tammy- No matter what happens she's always there for me.

Michelle - It's nice to know we can always pick up where we left off.

Bethany - You helped bring magic to the forefront of my life.

Shawna - My twin, we are always together no matter how far apart.

Ann Marie - You helped me get here even when you didn't want me to go.

Greg - The far away voice of reason.

Missy - You taught me more about friendship than you will ever know.

Tracy - For teaching me how to really have fun!

Mary - For all the times, good and bad. You helped me grow and see being me wasn't so bad.

My family - For supporting me through all the mistakes and good fortune and for never saying "I told you so" even when you did.

I also want to thank the children of my life for giving me strength when I was sure I had none:

Roy, Alex, Mallory, Carrie, Joey, Billy, Nicky, Kayla, Morgan, Susan, Ashley, Dawn, Justin, Phoenix, Skylar, Shawna and Jamie

I love you all.


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