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Welcome to my creative expression pages. This is a sample of some of my own amateur poetry. I also have pages dedicated to vistor's works and short stories. Please feel free to email me if you have work you would like to share.

God's Face

There are Catholics, Hindus, Wiccans, and Jews, Protestants, and Muslims just to name a few.

Throughout time religions have come and gone, but Man keeps looking for that which made life dawn.

Men keep battling over whose view is right covering the goodness of faith with the blackness of night.

Were they taught only of a God of hate? Did their religious leaders on this concentrate?

So your neighbor has beliefs different from you. Will you condemn him simply for his religious view?

Am I a bad person for the circle within I sit? Are you so perfect you cannot accept it?

Or can you learn to love and not fear? Understanding only takes time and a willingness to hear.

Can you put your fear or hate into God's hands Do you think without it alone you will stand?

Isn't your God with you all through your life; in times of great joy or sorrow and strife?

The man next to you at temple or in the pew, is his vision of god the same as your view?

It's a personal thing; YOUR religion, YOUR faith. Each of us seeing all God's different traits.

No one is right or wrong; not you, not me. In great wisdom: God has many faces so all of us can see.

Raven Blues5/20/99


Drip, Drip, Drip

Drip, drip, drip,
tears falling like
a leaky faucet
Motionless I stare
into a dark
Black-light shining
through the white,
journeying inside my
mind to search
for the words
that will tell
you how I
But the caterpillar
takes me on
a different path
searching for internal
peace; to empty
space inside my

Drip, drip, drip
brings me back
to where I
It tells me
it's time to
break free of
my mental bonds,
yet it holds
me like a
butterfly within a
cocoon waiting to
be reborn; freedom
is urgent, but
I am a
soldier and I
must protect; and
I am a
child and here
I will be

Drip, drip, drip,
water and salt
earth and wind,
fire burning hot;
white flames shoot
from my heart,
reaching out to
burn you: Pain,
sorrow, black-light,
drip, drip, drip.

-Raven Blues


No Longer Alone

Alone in the darkness
I feel your cold touch
I long for your terrifying embrace
Alone in the darkness
I take a small step
I reach out to the voice I hear
Alone in the darkness
I remember the world of light
I pray that it shall never return
Alone in the darkness
I hear your needs call
I fear that I can never fulfill them
Alone in the darkness
I kiss your fresh wounds
I savor the taste of your pain
Alone in the darkness
I find my path
I follow it never knowing where it shall lead
Alone in the darkness
I wait impatiently
I fear my needs shall overpower you
Alone in the darkness
I revel in my anguish
I close my eyes to shed unwanted tears
Alone in the darkness
I cower before your unnerving gaze
I know that you can see through me

Alone in the darkness
I fear...
I wait...
I long...
I reach...
I cower...
I know...
I remember...
I kiss...
I savor...
I revel...
I close...
I feel...
I pray...
I take...
I find...
I hear...
I follow...
I fear...

Alone in the darkness
I give...

Alone in the darkness
I love...

For in this darkness I am no longer alone.

-Raven Blues



The birds gather around the last of winter's snow
uncovering the growth of green not far below

You sing to me as they pick, poke, and peck
Drinking of the nectar from my ice enclosed neck

The beauty of the lush green grass hidden for so long
revealed in this rite of spring they dance to your song

I can feel them pecking and prodding trying to break the skin
I fight the losing battles for repentance of my sins

The cold has kept me safe snow kept me covered
blanketed against the pain of a time meant for lovers

The sun slowly dips over the horizon finally out of sight
ushering in our haven of the dark cold night.

-Raven Blues


I Know

This Maiden in distress did call out to him
She asked to heal his cold decaying heart
Something that she could freely give
She begged him to give her nothing
He could not...

I know about sorrow
the tears streak my face.
I know about anguish
the scream escapes my lips.
I know about pain
the sword enters my flesh.

The knight has come into her life
He brought a gift of feeling within his armored heart
Something which he had thought he had lost
He begged for her to run from his cold world
She could not.

I know about joy
the tears streak my face.
I know about ecstasy
the scream escapes my lips.
I know about pleasure
the sword enters my flesh.

Together they dance in the light of the stars
Sharing their gifts with one another
Something they thought they could never do
They beg to spend the rest of their days dancing
They could...

I know about love
the tears streak my face.
I know about love
the scream escapes my lips.
I know about love
the sword enters my flesh.

-Raven Blues


The Game

I wrote this for my friend to give to someone special. Stella, I hope you don't mind me sharing it.

In your eyes I see the promise of a beginning,

In your words I hear the whisper of tomorrow,

In your arms I feel the heat of yesterday...

How can I tell you what you mean to me when you mean so much?

I feel your touch and yet you are not here.

I see your face even though you are a world away.

You are the sword that has penetrated my armor

and caused me to feel things that I had never thought possible.

Your hands have healed my deepest wounds with the slightest touch.

The wheel has spun me in a direction over which I have no control.

I am but a pawn in it's game which has yet to be played out.

You are not my opponent or adversary, I do not wish to be enemies,

and yet at each turn I face you not knowing how your next move shall effect me.

Will you strike me with a blow not caring how I shall face the aftermath?

Or shall you caress me with just a word spoken from you heart?

Shall we continue to play or is the game over before it has begun?

You ask me to tell you how I feel but these feelings encompass all that I am, all that I was, and hopefully all that I shall be.

Raven Blues


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