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I've been asked several times to explain what exactly I think Magic is. I've found that there are several answers to this question but the one that seems to fit best is Magic is that place within yourself where you know who you are and how you fit into the universe. Magic isn't a trick it's not something that happens by chance. A person can make Magic in their life when they feel their place in the universe. We all have potential for Making Magic. It doesn't matter what faith you practice or if you practice a religion at all. Magic happens when you place your energy into an effort without thought of the amount of time it takes or what you would rather be doing. It's a gift of yourself to the universe. As the universe receives these gifts it then sends back gifts to you. These gifts may not be the form you had wanted but in time you will begin to see how they were exactly what you needed to make that Magic in your life.
Some people believe that you need certain tools to make this Magic happen. Witches use certain tools such as; altars, candles, athames, cauldrons. While traditional Christian Churches use tools like; altars, candles, chalices. (See a pattern here??) But the only thing you really need to make magic is a belief that the universe will provide you with what you need when you need it. There are times when I feel the universe could use a little reminder, perhaps because things aren't happening fast enough or in the way I had hoped. I then turn to my own personal tools of Magic; creative visualization, affirmations and ritual practices. I have found that the more effort I use in these exercises, I concentrate more on bringing the the things I am looking for into my life. Magic is not just effort in the exercise or ritual; one must put forth effort in the "real" world too. For instance if you wanted to find a new job: Would you just do the ritual or pray for a new job and wait for this job to fall into your lap? Or would you do the ritual or prayer and start looking for a new job and sending out resumes? You could wait a long time for that job to find you but if you are looking for it.... I think you can see what I mean. ~Raven

The following page has a list of items that I find useful in ritual practice. I hope that you find them useful as well. I will be adding some basic guidelines for developing rituals as well as more information on wicca and other "alternative" religions. Please, check back again or join my mailing list for news on updates.

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