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My Artist Friends

This page is all about my Artist friends who have helped me with content on my pages. They have provided me with art as well as advice on my own work. I will never call myself an artist but these people embody the word art for me.

Rain Stardragon

Rain did the little picture of me in the corner of this page. He really is good at what he does and you can find some of his art for sale on EBAY. He also does freelance work. You can view his work at the following links. If you are interested in having him do your "toon" you can email him at rain_s_717@yahoo.com

Rain's EBay Page

Orlando Artists

Rain's homepage

Charma the Sprite

What can I say about Charma...??? Well, for starters she is very talented. She has helped me tremendously on our greeting card site. Now she is working in 3D renderings and has some things for sale in her gallery. You can view some of her work at the following links.

Charma's gallery

The Sprite's homepage


A sweetie and a very talented artist who works primarily in landscpes. Very pretty scenes. I could put myself in quite a few of them.

Angellisa's Gallery

AngelLisa's Homepage

The Computerman 3D Art

The Computerman is my partner in love and life. He's doing some great 3D renders which you can view at the Computerman site.

Computerman's 3D Art

My Art

I work for the design team! We do some great graphics for websites as well as custom logo and other design work.

The Design Team Graphics Page


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